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Updated 09/27/2023

419-732-0236 or Email: info@libertyaviationmuseum.org

We welcome all service animals and leashed pets in the museum. Service animals are only permitted inside the diner, but we do welcome all leashed pets on our patio!
We are handicap accessible! No steps, all on one level!

Thank you for patronizing the Tin Goose Diner. The Tin Goose Diner is a stainless steel restaurant built by the Jerry O'Mahony Diner Company of Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1951. Operated as Steve's Diner, then later as the Sunrise Diner, the restaurant thrived until closing in the early 2000's. The diner was purchased by the Liberty Aviation Museum, meticulously restored by Diversified Diners in Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to it's current location at the Liberty Aviation Museum in 2012. The Tin Goose Diner operates as a functional museum exhibit. Our patrons are reminded of a bygone era where locals gathered in a friendly setting to discuss family and friends, sports, and current events over a cup of coffee or a hearty meal.

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All proceeds from the Tin Goose Diner go toward supporting the Liberty Aviation Museum, a 501c3 non-profit organization, receiving no government assistance.

While you're visiting the Tin Goose Diner, we encourage you to take the opportunity to tour the Liberty Aviation Museum to view, and experience artifacts, vehicles, and aircraft from the Golden Age of Aviation, and beyond. Also, don't forget to visit the Liberty Aviation Museum PX Gift Shop for Tin Goose Diner branded items and more!!

Visit us at:
+41° 30' 31.86"N
-82° 51' 52.86"W

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